“one woman gem”

"I can honestly compare Eliza to a team of practitioners! Since we met, I had many physical and emotional ailments, I couldn't describe what I was feeling, let alone pinpoint where my pains were coming from. At the age of 47, and after running two marathons, my body was tail spinning in circles hormonally and I felt a loss of control. In just a few short months, like a compass, Eliza's approach holistically transitioned my body and mind to reconnect. Most importantly, I LITERALLY have not had one hot flash or sleepless night since our first session. The most beneficial recommendation that I was the recipient of, and will highly recommend to anyone, albeit afraid that too many people will begin to know of this one woman gem!"

— M.M.

“changed my relationship with my body”

"I have been seeing Eliza for over 5 years and I don't think I could manage without her! I began seeing her in 2011 for chronic sinus headaches and acupuncture has helped that tremendously. Over the course of 5 years, Eliza has helped me with pregnancy, headaches, colds, stress management, neck pain, heartburn... the list goes on and on. Perhaps one of the less 'physical' aspects of treatment has been conditioning my body to completely relax- the second I'm on that table I start to drift into the most restorative sleep. I can't recommend Eliza enough- truly changed my relationship with my body and my health!"

— J.D.

"Great Results"

"I have been to several other acupuncturists in NYC but Eliza is the only one who has helped. I have been seeing her for chronic back and neck pain and a shoulder injury and have gotten great results. I highly recommend her!"  — R.M.

"never judges how I am feeling"

Eliza was the first acupuncturist I ever met with. Although I was skeptical about such treatment, I decided to try it out as my friend told me it could be good for my anxiety. I am so thankful I did and even more so that I met Eliza. I am usually referred to as a doctor's worse nightmare, because I always have something "wrong" - whether it is my anxiety, GERD, headaches, stress, neck or back pain.  Eliza helps me with everything! And she never judges how I am feeling, only tries to help me feel better and her treatment and disposition really does. I am so surprised by the effectiveness of acupuncture and I recommend Eliza profusely for anything that is troubling you.

— M.G.

“improved overall health”

"Eliza is hands down the best acupuncturist in NYC. Being that I have a terrible fear of needles, and usually turn into quite the baby around them, Eliza was able to make me feel comfortable and relaxed using her warm personality, funny sense of humor and gentle touch. I look forward to our weekly visit, not only because she has drastically improved my overall health and well being, but because her upbeat personality is wonderful to be around. Everyone should be so lucky as to call Eliza their acupuncturist."

— A.Z.

"A rare find"

"Being a patient of Eliza's has been such a wonderful experience. Her gentle kindness, coupled with her knowledge of the science of the body make her a very special practitioner. After a few months of treatments, I experienced changes in issues I have struggled with for years. I'm so grateful that Eliza's diagnosis and treatment plans have helped me to start to feel well again. Her warmth, insight and knowledge, balanced so well together, make her a rare find. I'd highly recommend her to anyone!"

— E.B.